What is the rarest G Squared Nessie colorway?


Looking for the rarest nessie colorway


the MFD Nessie is pretty rare, I think. 10 were commissioned, 8 turned out ok, 6 went on sale.


It was the first one that came with a T-Shirt as well.


that looks like half puke-half strawberry smoothie.


Galactic Rift Nessie, only 6 sold at YYC, I think 10 made. I’ve got 2.

(WildCat23) #5

Don’t know why rarity is so important to some people. I buy the best looking colors.


I’m feelin’ that colorway!

(G2 Jake) #7

If memory serves me correctly, the solid colors are actually the most limited


So they can ask double the price in their bst thread and get no offers.