Solid Nessies from G2

(G2 Jake) #1

Nessie is on her way to the anodizers.

We want to know what solid colors you would like to see!

Let us know!

(2Sick Joey) #2

Unblasted Aqua or Pink.


Blue, either a pure blue, a sky or aqua.

Also, raw but sealed would be nice. I would buy one of those. I already have a midnight massacre Nessie, so the only way I’d buy a second is if it was a silver.

(2Sick Joey) #4

Didn’t think but many yoyoers love clear ano and it would sell great. An unblasted clear ano would be awesome as well.


clear anno with a clear aurora borealis coat.


I think purple would look nice.

Or maybe aqua.


I feel like (only on this yoyo) that a bright neon orange would look great.

(Owen) #8

Candy Green, or Deep Sea Blue


advice for free :slight_smile:

clear ano with blast is great for competitions indoors. it shows the yoyo and string well


cleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaar!!! best thing ever. Maybe brett should paint a few of em as a special edition?


brett retired from painting


Cobalt blue. :slight_smile:




it looks really cool.

(G2 Jake) #14

Placing the order tonight. Any last thoughts? Seems clear is getting the most hits


Purple!!! Green!!!


Either blasted clear or a nice orangey-yellow color.


Or this:

(Khent G) #18



Clear, and maybe some purple or blue.


I’m with Chris on this one! blue or aqua would be amazing…and a raw, polished and sealed would probably be the next yoyo I buy!

No matter what though…colors aside the Nessie is great!