Solid Nessies from G2

Nessie is on her way to the anodizers.

We want to know what solid colors you would like to see!

Let us know!

Unblasted Aqua or Pink.

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Blue, either a pure blue, a sky or aqua.

Also, raw but sealed would be nice. I would buy one of those. I already have a midnight massacre Nessie, so the only way I’d buy a second is if it was a silver.

Didn’t think but many yoyoers love clear ano and it would sell great. An unblasted clear ano would be awesome as well.

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clear anno with a clear aurora borealis coat.

I think purple would look nice.

Or maybe aqua.

I feel like (only on this yoyo) that a bright neon orange would look great.

Candy Green, or Deep Sea Blue

advice for free :slight_smile:

clear ano with blast is great for competitions indoors. it shows the yoyo and string well

cleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaar!!! best thing ever. Maybe brett should paint a few of em as a special edition?

brett retired from painting

Cobalt blue. :slight_smile:



it looks really cool.

Placing the order tonight. Any last thoughts? Seems clear is getting the most hits

Purple!!! Green!!!

Either blasted clear or a nice orangey-yellow color.

Or this:


Clear, and maybe some purple or blue.

I’m with Chris on this one! blue or aqua would be amazing…and a raw, polished and sealed would probably be the next yoyo I buy!

No matter what though…colors aside the Nessie is great!