New Life Colorways!

I was pumped for this, but now probably won’t get one. Anyone else completely underwhelmed by these splashes and wish they were just the solid colors?


They were patreon yoyos afaik. He asked soul backers what solid color they wanted a clear splash on. I picked black. I think it looks good. Its basic. I know when a-rt would drop lifes they would always be solid. I dont think jake ever sold solid Lifes

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A solid brown or black Life would be cool.

Clear splash as in the aluminum will be showing? It’s not a white splash? Could be cool.

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Im pretty sure its clear ano over the raw aluminum. I dont think there is white ano. Im not sure though. The yoyo experts know though! (See what I did there?)

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oh ■■■■■

I got 2 lifes already dude. If you want the black with clear splash ill sell u mine

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I have four.

Edit: Forgot I have one on the way.

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@anon49438433 see?!?!

Its a GREAT yoyo. I had 3 and sold one in a flash to get funds for something.

@FrankieJR yea man, when do these drop?

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I still need to buy one. I feel like they’re way too pricey for me to buy first hand tho.

Thats what i mean i dont know if they will. Patreon soul backers picked out colors. But they might. The bap banshee ss and the patreon reaper had mystery boxes or something

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It’s the best yoyo I’ve put my hands on so far and when I like something I tend to stick with it. Slight differences between the G2 and a-rt ones, probably due to the grooved vs DS bearing.

Clear means it’s still blasted and anodized, but there’s no dye in the anodization layer.