Solid color Quake

(G2 Jake) #1

Hey guys sending my color choices to the anodizer today. I’m going to do 10 of them in a solid color. I couldn’t decide between Gold or Clear.

What do you want?


Gold definitely. I have too many silver yoyos. But I still think red/gold would look great…


Silver with red splash or just clear



(2Sick Joey) #5

Gold is always a good look!


Gold!!! :wink: with rainbow iridescence to attract leprechauns!






For me, it depends. If it’s an angular throw, I’d like clear anodize. If it’s more organic, Gold looks better to me.


Unblasted gold!!

(G2 Jake) #11

Ill mark you down as a clear :wink:


I would agree with Big cat…


How about half and half?


I prefer clear. Have one laid aside for me regardless which way you go and I’ll buy it!! Yeah, I don’t need to see it.


Why not do 5 clear, 5 gold? I guess there are minimums for the anodizer?

(G2 Jake) #16

Yep. Gotta do 10 or the price increases. I want the solids to retail at $99.

There will be plenty of other colorways available at the same time but only one solid color option.


Gold for sure.

But I think a more “Bronze” would look amazing

(G2 Jake) #18

I like saving the bronze for the 7075 :slight_smile:

(DarkPirate) #19



Then I think we can all agree on Gold.

I still loved how it played so color doesn’t quite matter :wink: