Gold yoyos


Anyone own yoyos in a solid gold or almost solid gold colorway? I’ve been thinking about adding one to my collection, but I always notice that they’re usually the last ones left to be sold in yoyos with that color option, leading me to believe they’re not that desirable. I’m Basically just wondering what they look like in person, I could picture them looking a little yellowish IRL.


I kind of like them.
The reason they are last to sell is because they look a little odd with yellow string. it looks fine in person, though.


Maybe cause they’re so expensive…?


Not sure if sarcastic, but if not. I was referring to the colorway, not the actual material.


._. I was meaning the colorway and material… And I wasn’t sarcastic… If you look at stores and online stores they basically all put gold yo yos as expensive…


I’ve got a gold Di Base


Quite frankly, I thought that was a perfectly reasonable answer to your question. Not sarcastic at all.


The Phenom I have supposedly has gold in it. But it’s so little gold that it barely affects the price. In fact, but I could be wrong, there’s no difference in price between that and whatever else was available.

That reminds me, there’s still 2 Phenom colorways I want to get.


My first yoyo was a Gold skyline. Around that time they released a black skyline with gold rims. Looked amazing. The gold skyline looked… well… gold. It was exactly how I thought it’d be. After having it a while, I decided I didn’t care much for a gold colored yoyo. But the idea of having one at first sounded pimp daddy


I am a sucker for the GOLD colorway especially CLYW. A lot of times the shiny does not grind well. The blasted gold tends to look more yellow. It like most yoyo questions comes down to preference.


I have a gold with navy blue splash genesis but it looks solid gold when it spins


I’ve never seen a yoyo with a solid gold colorway go for anymore than any other color, and in fact they are usually less than the more complex splashes and speckles, it’s just another color. Quite frankly, I don’t see how tacspeed’s comment could be perceived as anything other than sarcastic, that or extremely naive.


So let’s clarify all of this. Are we talking gold plated or anodized. Very big difference in price and material.


Dude, calm down, it’s not a big deal, I think he read over the colorway part. Anyway, gold colorways might be overlooked more since gold doesn’t look as great to people when it’s not shiny.


I’ve gotten a few gold yoyos, they’re pretty cool if you like the colour gold. if not, then they’re not. I had a gold beysick that looks very nice

If you’ve got cash, there are also some gold plated yoyos like pures, which are definitely both desirable and well liked.


I love gold colored yoyos because I think they’re unique. I’ve got a few, but imo the prettiest is hands down the yellow Duncan Mg. It has a brilliant yellow powder coat with shiny metallic gold flecks.

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I am also a sucker for gold throws. I have a mint in box and bag SPYY Pure Gold. Multiple golden nugget CLYW throws, Comeback Avalanche “GOLD!!!” yoyo, first run gold Chief (though it’s really more of a bronze/copper in my opinion). Point being gold colored yoyos are gorgeous.

Still trying to figure out how to get my polished LOTR “precious” YYF 888 anodized or turned gold somehow. A silver “one ring” yoyo is nice, but I need it to be turned into gold to make it more Tolkien-esque. Where’s Midas when you need him…

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I have a gold plated RecRev i. Honestly, I’m indifferent to the color. It doesn’t grind well and gets really cold really fast when exposed to cold weather. That being said, it’s my main throw right now. I love it. I’m considering looking in to ano pricing and getting it bead blasted, too.

you mean like this