What is the Rarest G Squared Albatross colorway?

Just curious

I’d say the dragon slayer colour way. But i might be mistaken

My guess is team edition. That’s quite rare.

Capt Anxiety can probably answer this really accurately for us! :slight_smile:

In the first fun of the albatross they made that orange/navy wash and Im pretty sure thats a one of four. What they currently call the “team edition” is kinda rare too since there are less released to the public.

We originally called the Bronze Navy acid wash the team edition but then changed that to the blue silver with orange splash.

That bronze navy acid wash is the rarest, there were only 4 made.
Other colorways that are more rare on specifically the albatross are the Arkham, IRIS, Solar Flare. Those were all more limited as well.

Could you send aspic of the rarest albatross?

It’s the colorway that was used on the highspeedyoyo.com review

Don’t forget the new MFD ano’d Albatross. Mystic Space and Star Spangled Banner, 5 of each.

What about the spider-man colorway?

Don’t forgot wild berries and cream. 1/4


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Where did you get that number of 4 wild berries and cream?

My memory is telling me ten. It could have been 5

do you happen to have any pictures of an IRIS and/or Solar Flare?


Berry Berry was 1 of 5 I believe. until I rawed the one I had. Only 4 left now lol. Didn’t know it was a rare colorway when I did it.