What is the name of this bind?

It’s at 0:43 of the video. Not sure if there is a tutorial on it since it takes one second to do but I would love to learn it.

I believe it’s called a sky bind. Not sure if there is a tut on it. If you can’t find one I can tell you how to do it.

Found one!

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Yes sir, Sky Bind it is.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. The yo-yo is hitting the gap but not returning to my hand.

A few things are key when doing this,

  1. make sure you are doing it on a breakaway, the yoyo needs to be spinning a specific direction for it to work.
  2. make sure your response pads are in good shape to be able to grab the string when it hits it
  3. the yoyo needs to be spinning at a relatively fast speed to be able to get it to come back to your hand
  4. make sure your string is pretty fresh, that’ll make it a little bit easier

If it’s binding and just not returning to your hand, then you need to make sure the yoyo hits the string almost directly above your hand so that gravity does it’s job and will just drop it down. It’s like catching a baseball, you have to get your hand in front of it or else it will try to go back to the ground.

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You know what the secret is?


I can do it several times now.  The key was to keep it closer to my body and using multiple fingers with my palm facing upwards makes the trick burn less on my fingers.  I’m working on this trick now (Stuck on the ripcord part)

Who invented the Sky Bind? ???

Good question. I have no idea who. I would assume that it’s just one of those tricks that are so simple that it doesn’t really have 1 singular inventor.