What is the most generic, base-line throw?

We use phrases like “lots of rim weight” “floaty” and “long sleep time.”

These clearly are comparisons, but comparisons to what exactly?

Are we saying throw-A has more rim weight than the more generic throw-B?

Or are we saying throw-A has more rim weight than the average yoyo rim weight?

Generic isn’t a bad thing, it’s a baseline.

What do you guys consider the baseline yoyo?


Personally, I usually use two yoyo’s to compare other throws to…

  1. The Shutter
  2. The Civility

I feel they check the most generic boxes. Not too heavy, not too floaty, not to expensive, and pretty easily accessible.


Shutter and Kitty Fat are the standards to be compared too throughout contemporary modern yoyo


I compare almost everything monometal to a shutter because I feel like it’s the perfect middle ground of every “term” we have to describe how a yoyo plays. Everyone owns one, has owned one, or has played one of the many different iterations.

When I think of floaty, my candidate is the Terrarian. I feel like everyone’s got one or has tried one so it’s my baseline for that category.


So did the Shutter sell so well because it’s middle-of-the-road, or did it move the middle to where it is because of how many sold?



I think it’s position as a generic throw is largely from its sale volume. It’s actually an interesting design utilizing a heavy step halfway up the walls and has that weird ring cup edge.

To me, the MYY N12 is what I think of as a generic throw. There is no funkyness going on, it’s just a plain mixture of a rounded v shape with a simple cup design and has the typical mono aluminum throw dimensions. I feel like several throws could fall into this category


I love my shutter. It’s beat to hell with tons of vibe. But it was my first “nice” throw.

I have many others but I always come back to the shutter because as has been said it’s middle of the road and does like everything decent.

Plus I don’t care anymore if I hit it on the floor and stuff so I use it to learn new tricks when I know I’ll drop it


While the Shutter is certainly popular, I dont think it’s very generic. It has a pretty uncommon design. I would think of a generic yoyo as a straightforward Organic or maybe a V.


I don’t think either a pure organic or a V shape would really lend themselves that well to being a middle ground. Both of those shapes are two extremes on opposite ends of the yoyo spectrum. The Shutter does everything well, an organic isn’t going to be able to horizontal, tech, or speed particularly well, and the average V shape probably isn’t going to be very enjoyable for people who want a slower, floatier, more “fun” yoyo to play with. People have said before that they think the Shutter’s profile blends together a lot of the best aspects from all the WHOV shapes, which is just another example of the Shutter being a very good middle of the road yoyo.

The Shutter can do every trick you can throw at it well, and it’s a yoyo that fits all playstyles. Whether you’re a casual thrower who just wants something fun and relaxed, or a competition thrower wanting something consistent that can handle all of their tricks on stage.

The Shutter isn’t the fastest yoyo, it’s not the most stable, it’s not the widest and most consistent yoyo to play with, and there’s yoyos that have a much better hand feel and slower pace in play for people who like that. The Shutter isn’t the best in any of these categories, but it’s a baseline level of good at everything.


Shutter is middle of the road, baseline yoyo. It has a unique and interesting design tho so it’s not generic at all. The availability of it + how balanced it is in play made it the baseline yoyo imo. Everyone owns one, everyone knows one.


It may be well-rounded or a jack of all trades, but because of its design, I wouldn’t consider it generic.


I’d like to see some generic specs.

I’m pretty curious how yoyo trends have shifted the generic baseline over time.

For example, todays undersized and full sized weren’t yesterdays. Over time, yoyos got wider, then bigger in diameter and so on.

PS I think the idea here is about how a yoyo plays, not necessarily whether a design is generic or not.


Unresponsive Dv888 :brick:


I like where you went with this

I’ll throw my opinion. The original CLYW Sasquatch


Mine is the Yoyofriends Sync. I think it was designed to be a sort of jack-of-all-trades. It feels very “medium” to me, in a good way. It does what you want it to do and doesn’t give you any fuss about it.

In order to be baseline, it has to be familiar, so definately shutter. At one time Duncan FH.


Someone should design a throw that is a blend of all the common shapes and has no markings cuts or distinguishing features. Make it 45x55 65g and call it “The Generic”.


Unsurprisingly, this discussion gets mired in disagreements over what constitutes a “generic” or “base-line” throw. Good luck arriving at a consensus.


Seems like ‘generic’ and ‘baseline’ are terms defined personally from the yo-yos a person has experienced. Doesn’t seem like something where a consensus should be expected. Would certainly be a boring thread:
Person A: Shutter is the most generic, baseline throw.
Person B: I agree
Person C: Quite Right
Person D: Absolutely
And on and on and on. Who wants that?

I’m not so sure about ‘generic,’ since that applies a level of similarity. Like, I think of ‘tissue’ as a generic term for Kleenex, Puffs, etc. Similarly, I don’t think that Shutter is synonymous with yo-yo. I hear shutter and go camera first. I don’t know if a solitary yo-yo model could claim such accolades. Companies like ‘Duncan,’ sure. I would forgive a muggle if they came up to me on the street, pointed at my throw and said, “Wow, that’s a cool Duncan!”

‘Baseline’ though, well sure I’ve got one of those. ‘Baseline’ is the throw one keeps in mind to compare all others against, right? That’s the Rebirth for me. All questions like, easier than, faster than, smoother than, heavier than, lighter than, bigger than, smaller than, wider than… are asked in relation to the Rebirth. Even my Shutters.


For me base generics for organic and V shape competition style throws are the
2011, 888.11 for organics and
The Super Star 2011 for the V shape.

My Reasoning is these throws are the first mono metal organic and v shape competition style throws I owned and was making good progress on trick portfolio.

I think the first throws we all own that we enjoy and make progress on sets our perception of what a new throw feels and performs like.

This is a possible reason behind why so many different descriptions on the same throw when people review. We all started from different places so our control starting points are slightly different. It would be a really cool discussion with people who all started with the same throws and see if the theory pans out. I am certain it is not 100% but a serious review might gleen some insight.