What is the likely hood of the invention of a new play style? I.E. - 6A?

And if so, what would it be?

There was a gap of about 70 years between the creation of 1A/2A and 3A/4A/5A.

So, there’s a possibility for sure, but considering that 2/3/4/5A are all little more than exhibition divisions at this point compared to 1A, the likelihood of a new style of play being cemented enough to merit its own division is just absurdly low.

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double dragon and mobius?

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I was gonna say, double dragon is out there and seems to be gaining a bit of popularity.

Counterweight fixed axle play is also a possibility, I’ve been messing around with it, but doesn’t seem like there’s a ton of possibilities there…except the possibility of self-injury. But it makes it fun.

I was gonna guess double dragon, but it probably won’t catch on until some big names (besides the man himself) start getting super proficient, or a handfull of people get popular playing double dragon

Mobius is cool, but I’ve only ever heard of it from the tutorials on YYE, but I also didn’t really look into it

Well there is always the possibility of retro to fixed axle. Speaking of which, are you serious about the Duncan Butterfly being your favorite yo-yo?

I don’t even know yoyopro. So I don’t know his exact reason for saying the Duncan butterfly is his favorite Yoyo.

But I will say it is only logical to conclude that saying a Yoyo is your ‘favorite’ does not necessarily mean it is your Best playing Yoyo.

It can mean simply that it is your Favorite Yoyo for any number of reasons. Could be the Yoyo that got him started. Could be his favorite color. Maybe his favorite shape. Possibly the Yoyo that has the least spin time or narrowest gap and challenges his skills the most. Maybe he only has one Yoyo… So it has to be his favorite.

In my profile, I state that my favorite Yoyo is the Hyperion. But it is not my best playing Yoyo. There are just a few things that make it my favorite.

My best playing Yoyo is probably my Berserker SS. But I have noticed in each passing day, that the Slasher is getting more of my attention. Not only is it a Superb player but it is smoother and has a more comfortable shape and has a very good, silent power kinda spin.

Kinda hard to top the Berserker SS in my opinion. It is truly a a Beast. But it is still not my favorite Yoyo.


Seems it all comes down to popularity. I don’t keep up with competitions much, so I don’t know if fixed axle has a presence at them, but it seems that fixed axle play is more popular than double dragon and mobius ( I feel like the spelling is wrong but I don’t want to check). Those two seem to be more novelties than distinct divisions with multitudes of competitors all over the world, even though they have been around for a bit.

NO, I was just curious as to what else there might be out there…Ya know, what else could they possibly come up with? But yah, the Butterfly Line from Duncan has always been my favorite series and I still Throw one at least once a week I’d say. When I started back out Yo-Yoing, I was doing a lot of Fixed Axle. I have been playing with my Torque and Butterfly XT much more so these days, because I can do Spirit Bomb, Kamikaze, Kwijibo, and I’m working on Black Hops, Yuuki Slack, and Superman now.