DRAGONS UNITED (exclusive new Double Dragon video)

Get excited. Tutorials on YoYoNews.com beginning soon.

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Who invented double dragon? Is this considered 6A?

Ky Zizan. No.

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Can’t wait for tutorials!

That last anthony trick was crazy

Wow This is awesome this is like möbius except on a larger scale.

This looks like a fun style to do, although seems rather hard lol

Not really. One yoyo two strings. Möbius deals more with the finger loop.

Now two string loop möbius would be awesome. Ky, Zammy Collaborate now! :wink:

That is up for debate. I would say that it is because Mobius (The other competitor for the 6A title) is just a different way of going about 1A (In my opinion), while Double Dragon is entirely unique from 1A as there are two strings attached instead of one. The debate could go on and on though haha.

I think there’s already a style called 6a but i’m not sure

Ky invented Double Dragon. He was the first person to put two strings on a yo-yo, tied to both hands, and come up with original tricks. He figured out from scratch how to throw/bind/catch with two strings tied to both hands. Before Ky, Rei Iwakura did double string yo-yoing with 2 counterweights for an AP in 2008.

Mobius is a substyle of 1A tricks. The way I look at it, performing tricks with the slipknot is just another element of using the yo-yo string, just as you might land the yo-yo in a green triangle or split bottom mount. 1A tricks can be performed with the string initially tied to the hand, and then transition into mobius elements by opening the slipknot and inserting the yo-yo as desired.

What makes a style distinct is that it requires the yo-yo be set up in a certain way, and the tricks of a given style can only be performed if the yo-yo/string is set up accordingly. You can’t do 5A tricks without a counterweight, and you can’t do 3A tricks without two yo-yos, or 4A tricks with a string on the bearing.

Doing tricks with two strings on a single yo-yo is, without a doubt, a new innovative style of yo-yoing, scarcely explored before now. If enough people try it out, I firmly believe that the style of putting 2 strings on a single yo-yo certainly could be 6A. Once enough people compete on stage with original double string tricks, we’re going to have to call it something, and it’s not like “6A” is reserved for something else.

Looking at the yoyowiki, only 7A has been declared, that being looping with counterweights.

Moebius can be a substyle of any of the main styles.

I think double dragon is going to be the next competition style IMO. Loved the video

I really do not want to argue with you Ben but you are mistaken on one thing.

Moebius is a style all to itself. However it is merely classified under 1A because people don’t know where to put it under/not knowledged enough to understand why it is a style to itself. So its lumped under the 1A category as a substyle to make people of both sides of the argument happy.

It is most certainly not a “substyle of tricks” like say saying chopsticks or slack. It is a style all to itself that has 1a and 5a influence. The set up is in the “Holds”/finger placement for the string which dictates what kind of tricks can done. The concept of “frontside” and “backside”

I personally would like Double Dragon to get popular but adding the 6a tag is not necessary. Because of the fact if you compete with double dragon in a contest for 1A, Judges are going to judge it based on 1A rulings. This applies to Moebius and its forms as well. Same for other alt styles of yoyo.

If anything, alternate styles merely should not have a A attached at all. Why give it a A when its strength is due to its unqiue properties. Ultimately if such a category for competing ever exists, the “X division” of old should be reborn.

I am not looking to stir trouble here but as a person who has dedicated to an alternative style of yoyoing for now 9 years going on 10, I’ve seen the arguments-the defenses and ultimate lack of knowledge.

Moebius is a style. Double Dragon is a style. No need for another A. Judges don’t know how to judge it.



^I feel enlightened.

We can agree on this.


Please enlighten me then on how you believe it can be judged if it is in a category of its own.

I am not a formally trained judge, but right now, I do not believe any single person could dictate the terms of how to score a style of yo-yoing that is just beginning to be explored. These things take time to figure out.

I’m just saying, it’s clear that right now, Double Dragon isn’t being scored accurately when pitted against competitive 1A routines. But as more people start playing with alternative styles of yo-yoing, the judges are going to have to learn some new tricks.

Just making sure everybody knows about this: