Double Dragon Style?


Woah… So someone added Double Dragon to the yoyo wiki style of play page and I’m having a really hard time of imagining it. I get how it would work with counterweights but when using normal string the string tension would make tricks impossible, right?

(2Sick Joey) #2

just stop


What, is three alternative style posts in less than five days too much? Oh wait, four posts…

(Jei Cheetah) #4

thank you


Your making me sad…


The list of styles was a nice guide to some very obscure styles. But don’t you think you’re obsessing over it a bit?


Not to offend, but you’ve been here since March 29th, and you have over 1,000 posts. Cool it a little. You seem like a pretty nice person, but you are on track to become the next Bcmaddog.


I like you and think you’re a good kid, but I agree with everyone who’s posted in this thread so far (even Haru…). You’ve taken it a bit overboard with making new threads about obscure styles.

Obsessing over it in your personal life is fine and will probably lead to the advancement of yoyoing in a few years, but bringing all of that energy here is going to give people a reason to not take your seriously and may even invite serious criticism over time.


you two are being rude don’t say that! People are sponges they need to absorb and learn new things even if it’s stuff None of us have heard. Now it just shows that the people can branch off and learn new things and possibly make it popular like several other styles I did not know of until now.

On a Side note:
Yoyo kangaroo I will look into the style and see what it is and how it works.


^^^ Nope.

I’m up to here with go west, substyle, and yoyowiki posts about the same thing. This is a forum. This is known as spam.

These posts are useless anyway, they don’t even explain what they are talking about anyway.