Substyle Concepts

This is only the beginning.


That was mental. The 3 yoyos at the end was crazy, I have no idea how you didn’t get all tangled up…

thanks :slight_smile: haha

INSANITY! I thought people were insane for just attempting ONE of those styles and for you to manage all of those styles! You’re like Josh Yee 2.0 :smiley:

hahaha thanks :slight_smile: I do all the contest styles too but I’m not as good at 2a

Hmmm in that case, you’re gonna make a huge name for yourself.
Toxic is exceptionally lucky to have you.
(I hope you don’t mine, me trying to copy some of this stuff. I’ve been obsessed with trying to do doubles for a while xD ditto R3A)

thanks :slight_smile: and I don’t mind at all, just flim some stuff so I can see what you got so far

waiting for my next irony JP and ill start again!

the irony jp sounds like a great set!

Doesn’t It?
I’m Excited!

such a good vid.



This is great. I haven’t seen some of these styles before. Very interesting and creative

thanks :slight_smile: