Video for each style

I am compiling a list of all styles and their explanations. So, I need a video of each one. Like, 1/2A, Slave, hidden eel, and basically everything else besides 1A, Tourniquet, slippery eel, and 5A. I know that there aren’t videos for some styles, but I need videos for the ones that their are videos of. I really need videos that clearly demonstrate the style.

Wow… A whole zero comments… Anyway, I really need a good video for Hidden Eel style. Help?

I can do doubles (2 yoyos on one hand) and 3 at once. I’ll make a doubles video for you soon but three at once will come when I have more tricks for it

Seet. Currently I’m using the video ‘yellow pages’ for doubles. But, three at once? Duuuuuuude, what’s it called?

The real 3A.

Anymore information on it? Like, a short although thorough description?