Lets make a new yoyo style!

So I have an idea for a new style, lets call it 1/3A because it’s pretty much single A, except the main idea is getting little loops around your finger. So far I have 3 mounts and one trick, anyone willing to make up some new tricks with me? :slight_smile:

Ill help. post a video of what u have got so far. im not getting a cle
ar picture by what you have described.

I’ll post up a video in a bit

Sounds interesting I might join

Here’s the first mount, it needs some refining but the idea is there


Here’s getting into the loop from a trapeze


Here’s getting a single loop from a double or nothing


and here’s Hip to Hop, the one trick I was able to make. Anyone up for this or what?

Sorry for the bad quality and not being able to slow it down and stuff, I did this on a webcam real quick like ten minutes ago.

im just at a loss for words. Q, or Links, or someone please jump on this, im just…wow.


I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean maybe get a phone to record? That would help :slight_smile: anyways keep it up man. Don’t let anyone discourage you

Would try it but seems to be limiting alot of movements. 8)

I don’t exactly see the point of this style and it would be categorized as a type of 1a trick anyway if it were to be official. Almost absolutely everything has actually been tried before as yoyo styles by people like Dr Popular.

Have a look at these styles like ‘Hydra’ and ‘Loaf Style’: http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/Styles_Of_Play