What is the first trick you do with a new yoyo?


As strange as it sounds, I spend the days before my yoyo arrives deciding what the first trick I will attempt when I get it, only to freak out and check if it really is unresponsive when I get it. What’s the first trick you do?


I don’t freak out when I get a yoyo like you… Lol but I always do a combo, it consists of :kamikaze, branding,Eli hops, and cross-armed GT


I don’t know why but I usually do the matrix.


Never thought about it. Not sure what I do, but probably boingy-boing or zipper.


Skin the gerbil… Its just too much fun, and I get to see how fast theyoyo is, cant wait to d it with a phenom coming my way 8)


Trapeze. Then a kwijibo


I bind to see if the response is snappy or slippy.


Three wraps from a trapeze to see how grabby the response is, and to see the integrity of the spin


Usually just play it like I normally would.

But I always like to see if it can handle Ladder Escape so I do that.




I do the same thing. As fast as I can I throw a skin the gerbil, and then do it horizontal too to see how it handles it.


OMG i do horizontal skin the gerbil too :smiley: its great at testing the speed of a yoyo and horizontal!


The bind. Exciting, I know :stuck_out_tongue:


You have to do the sleeper befor you bind silly :stuck_out_tongue:


Not entirely true.

You have to do a throw, though.


I find that my current trick is always changing… mostly whatever I’m working on, or generally happy to throw in the moment.


Depends, I’ll usually throw hashbrowns first, but it depends on my mood. Then I’ll go into whatever trick or combo I’m working on.


I always throw down a sleeper and bind it no tricks. Then I just start throwing to see how it plays. No tricks in particular.

(kclejeune) #19

I do a double or triple laceration hook depending on my mood, then that flows into a double neck wrap/unwrap, and then a between the legs wrap/unwrap. I have a video of it in slow mo somewhere…


The very first trick I do with it was a breakaway and a bind, just to see how the response is. This habit started when I got my MYY N5 and the response was way to slippery.

But when I get new throws I usually learn a few new tricks with each one. Chief? Learned Kwhatjibo and the Sky Bind. Got my classic? Landed a Brent Stole. And kept doing them consistently. ;D