First yoyo trick?


Aside from binding, trapeze, etc. what is the first yoyo trick you learned? Mine was laceration.


That sounds like the 3rd trick you learned…

My first trick was Gravity Pull.

(George Wollaston) #3

Gravity pull.


I wouldn’t consider getting a responsive yoyo back up a as a trick. When he says “asides from binding, trapeze etc” i would think a thing like gravity pull was included.

My first was matrix!


I was going to be a wiseguy and say sleeper (since everyone said gravity pull).

But I see what you’re getting at.



There are too many that aren’t mentioned here that I learned prior to things like slacks, whips, binds…

Forward pass, flyaway dismount, pinwheel…

There are lots of things that used to be hard but now seem basic (or skipped completely due to non responsive yoyos).

To answer the question though, (from memory) I think barrel rolls was the first thing I watched and said “Oh, I like that, I want to learn that”. So I did.


Brain twister probably I’m not to sure…


Rock the Cradle on a Fireball




Stop and go, around the world, brain twister…


plastic whip:)
first it seems hard, took me about 15min with a good tutorial:)


Double or nothing


The usual suspects for old school yoyo. Walk the dog, Around the World, Rock the Baby.

The first “hey look at me, I’m a fancy string-trick yoyoer!” trick I learned was probably Brain Twister. The first longer one I learned was The Matrix.


Brain Twister


Everybody loves the wiseguys!

(DOGS) #16

around the world




Mine was Rock the baby :smiley:


Rock the baby coughSLEEPERcough

(Owen) #20

Loop the loop.

Or sleeper if ya want me ta be a smartask