Testing the waters


Does anyone have a specific trick they do when picking up a friends yoyo or a new one? I throw Buddhas revenge or skin the gerbil. I don’t think I’m the only one who has a certain trick they just naturally do.

(SR) #2

I do this as well. It’s pretty just my freestyle haha.


I naturally do Skin the Gerbil.

(DOGS) #4

Usually a trick that covers a bunch different elements, speeds, and styles, so I can get a quick feel for the yoyo.


I usually do my kamikaze mount combo. I do it a lot so I know exactly how each element should feel.


the matrix


I don’t really pay attention. I just throw the jojo.

On a side note, must we use ‘testing the waters’ so much? It’s like the most overused phrase on this forum.


I test binding, my basic string combo, grind ability, and then horizontal play, then I just mess around from there.



I just kinda do the regular stuff I’m doing. Probably a Kwijibo, then cold fusion, then a wrist GT, then a trapeze and bro to ninja vanish slack.

(Alex Fairhurst) #11

I just throw whatever combo comes to mind. I don’t focus as much on the trick, but how the yoyo handles it and how it feels. I’m not usually trying out a yoyo for very long since I’m scared I’ll ding it so I have to find out pretty quickly whether or not I like the way the yoyo plays.


Usually the basics. Double or nothing, matrix, kwijibo, lacerations.


Yep. Whatever I’m workin on.

Offer big!


matrix. Then I just do some freestyle stuff.


If its a friends yoyo… i throw it down and let it hit the ground … and than … i blame them for having a really long string and not warning me lol

but yea i think i just do skin the gerbil combo thing … which I do all the time.


Yup, i do some sequence of tricks that I do mostly whenever I start throwing.


Candy slack for some reasong


I’m not sure, I’ve never seen it used. Haha




I do a lot of tricks. Naturally but I don’t know why but matrix always comes to me when I’m talking or I’m the middle of something.

(Owen) #21

I just bind to make sure it’s not in a knot or anything, then I do a banger (If the Yoyo is not mint haha) and then I do one of my many combos. And then horizontal, and then I kindly hand the jojo back to the kind sir who let me try it.