What is The Duncan Torque like?

Hi everyone. I’ve been thinking about the Duncan Torque for a while, and looking at the stats, it appears to be almost to good to be true considering the price. It appears to be prefect dimensions and very light for fast play… And a genuine KonKave! Now I know it isn’t blasted or anything, but what other compromises on quality does it have? If anyone has one, please also tell me what you think of it.

Phenomenal! It plays fast, it has a long spin time ( I have had it up to two minutes), it is well balanced and it feels very comfortable in my hand.
And when you watch someone who really knows how throw it (I bought mine at Downtown Disney the day after it was released) it is a real treat.

Are there any compromises on quality you have detected? Vibe, regular snags, poor anodization, anything like that?

I found none but consider this; I play slow and deliberate and I am only an “ok” thrower. I have had no vibe (other that by my own misthrows) and the same with snags. I am very happy with the finish though the emblem could have been cleaner. My only complaint is of my own making. I dinged it (my only yoyo with a ding) at the hotel the day that I bought it.

Thanks a lot for your thoughts on it! What I’d really like also is a professional yoyoer to also share their thoughts on the Torque. Chime in if you’re reading!

The Duncan Torque is like the Duncan Torque. DUH!

Torque is amazing.

Almost plays like YYR or a similar High end Japanese throw.

I tried one before and I did not have any trouble pulling off tricks. I cannot do horizontal but I tell that it would do fine since it loss spin time quite slowly. It is versatile and can play both fast and slow. It is the smoothest yoyo I have played to date. I hit myself in the knuckles because I thought it was not spinning. Never spun out on me.