What is the best beginner yoyo for ages 7-11 (give or take)?

There are so many yoyos that claim to be beginner friendly but I don’t know or have any that I’d be totally comfortable giving to a kid. They either seem too advanced or too limiting. Just wondering what your opinion is. Thank you.

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YoYoFactory® just introduced the ARROW. Set up for beginners but you can swap the bearing when they advance. Rugged and simple to use.


I’d really love an Arrow! I hope to pick one up in the coming months.

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Wait, wut? You didn’t recommend the FAST-201??? :open_mouth:

I did my learning on a fast 201and an old school freehand 2. Now though. I like the velocity.

@zslane I love all my children (FAST201, Velocity, ARROW, WHiP, SPINSTAR, ONE, Dv888, HUBSTACK, LOOP360, REPLAY) allexcellent examples for the beginner.