What is TapTalk?

What is Taptalk?

an app

For doing what.

Browsing the internet.

Tapatalk is a forum app that allows you to use forums more easily on a mobile device.

It works fantastically with these forums. Highly recommended.


Thanks for the topic •_•

Ok, is it better than using YYE app? I don’t even know how the fourm works on a computer, I use my IPod. :D-|<

The YYE app uses tapatalk’s software to browse the forum, so if you’re using the YYE app, you’re using tapatalk.

Personally, I use the tapatalk app rather than the YYE app, just because I can access other forums using it.

Luckily however, the YYE app is offered for free. Considering that tapatalk is a paid app ($4), either YYE or Tapatalk is being very generous.

Wow, been using my phones web browser instead of the yye app all this time. I feel, special.