Are you using tapatalk?

I’m curious how many are
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Short answer: yes

Long answer:
Just installed it this week. Seems stable so far and the simplicity is great for fast interaction away from the computer.

Although at times I have noticed a slight issue with connectivity among this and some of the author, medical and pro photography forums I am part of. Other than that I like using it.

Yes and I love it. It keeps all my forums organized and logged in. I can check any of my hundred forums at any time and dont have to go to a single website. I recommend it to everyone. You can do tons with it and you will love it. I use it everyday and quite a few times a day. And I think it was only like 2.99. Get it.

I love it. Been on my phone for over a year. Use it for almost everything on the forums except when checkin feedback and leaving it

No I don’t have it. In fact when I leave the house I leave the phone. Maybe I leave the house to escape the phone. Yeah that’s the way I like it ;D. I’m glad it works for you guys.

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Nope my mobile browser works fine for me!


And go away.

There is nothing more annoying than seeing


Money hungry trash cans.

Came to the wrong part of town.


That shows only if the person doesn’t turn off the tapatalk signature.

Though this was sent with my gold pressed latinum holographic self perpetuating iPad with retrofitted danger sensing blackout lenses and a plum in brandy floating in a man’s hat.
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I do like it keeps all forums in one place. That’s key for me. Though some I would really like to add aren’t on tapatalk. Which is unfortunate because I find I wind up going to ones that are more often.
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Well, seems like the other forum isn’t on tapatalk any longer. Frank at Ilyy mentioned he thinks companies have to pay to be included. I haven’t confirmed it myself.
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I heard it was free if they forum is based off V.Bulletin.

It would definitely be more convenient if other forums used it.
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Seems like the other forum is shut down completely. I thought it was just tapatalk
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I agree. I thought it was tapatalk as well but its completely missing from the internet…which is somewhat frightening that something like that can happen so relatively fast leaving no trace.

Kind of makes sense, the sales side of the site was down, and seemed to be very few people using the forum. Not sure why.
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Agreed, we’re going to regex remove these strings from all posts next week.

And of course Tapatalk is no longer required, everything now works fine in any web browser, or mobile web browser :wink:

All the tapatalk signatures were :fire:.

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moment of silence for all the superbop :iphone:s

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