What is needed for bead blasting?

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…And how do you do it?


Seems like sandblasting but with fine(very small) glass beads. I don’t know if it needs special machinery.


You need like tens of thousands of dollars for the machine. It is a giant machine with little gloves built in the side so you don’t hurt your hand. Also it just shoots little glass beads super fast and puts like micro scratches to make it smooth.

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I’m pretty sure you don’t…a lot of people on the forums do it, I don’t think random people just have ten thousand dollar blasting machines laying around.


You’re right. They don’t. They just have access to them. A lot of people here seem to work in manufacturing, fabrication, repair and machine shops, where this equipment is around.

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Well I think I can use this: http://www.amazon.com/Pit-Bull-Air-Sand-Blaster/dp/B00267NZC0/ref=pd_cp_hi_1

And get a compressor for like under $50


just tumble finish them it is easier.


I guess that can work. But don’t forget your blasting media. And cleaning up and perhaps mess containment.


Plasticwhip recently made a thread about sand blasting a yoyo with a sand blasting gun, and it is possible to use other media in them too (baking soda!).


Cabinet, compressor, medium… Under $400 easy.


Just picked up a tumbler. Will be messing with it soon.