What is a string rejection?

alot of people talk about them, what are they.

it’s when the spin of the yoyo rejects the string from the gap.
an example of a string rejection trick would be magic drop.

A string rejection is a type of yo-yo trick element that can best be described as a “pop.” The string essentially “pops” from the yo-yo’s gap and is sent into a particular direction. It’s a difficult element to explain, I have found that the direction in which the yo-yo is spinning affects this a great deal. If the yo-yo is not spinning a certain direction, some rejections are not possible or are incredibly difficult to pull off. Here is a video demonstrating a basic rejection trick:

nice video find. i learned that trick in 15 seconds :slight_smile:

sorry for posting it here, but do ennyone know the 1.5 rejection trick? or know a tutorial for it?

Is this what you are talking about? There are actually a good bit of rejections you can do with a 1.5. I have intentions on covering them all at some point.

Accurly i ment this, but i dont Get the whip/chach. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=1Q36GU6tZlY