String rejection tricks


I have been trying to find some but im coming up short handed…so do you have any videos of any or where i can find them?


(Mark) #2

I have one. Triforce, the second trick.


That’s the first one that comes to mind.


so thats what string rejection tricks are i never knew before and now i have a new trick to learn


Magic Drop, Shockwave, and Rancid Milk (I think that’s the right one) all have string rejections.

(J. Lev) #6

Not Rancid Milk. Candy Rain.

yoyomaster242: A string rejection is a maneuver in which you force the string to go in the direction opposite of the yoyo’s spin. This will force the string to be “rejected”, or fly out of the gap. It is rather difficult to make up, very often they come by you on happenstance.


Thanks all! Any more? they will give me something work which is exactly what im looking for.

And at mage1342: I was about to say you look alot like magleeto, until i saw that you were, or its his vid

(Shisaki) #8

Haha its magleetos, not mage’s :stuck_out_tongue: Or at least I think it isnt O.o


i have one im not sure i f i made it up but you do a lindy loop and instead of landing double on you land in the front and the you move your hands back and it should reject and land in gt

you can see in the begining of my video


its not… lol i loked at it then his profile and nope but just made it seem like it was cause he said I have one so yeah lol

And to polloyoyo: you didnt make it up, pretty sweet that you figured it out on your own though :smiley: and thats actually the trick that got me thinking about string rejection tricks. The only difference is instead of doing it by trapeze it goes under like a bind but Extremely similar


Read the discription on youtube


Go to the side bars on the Youtube videos and there is more.

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wow that’s a lot of stuff to learn and practice