What is a Mint Condition Yo-Yo Anyway?

so if i yoyo was described as mint, but you receive it with some minor pinpricks than should you give them neutral feedback, even if you were happy with the trade?

You can still give them positive feedback but you can add in the comments that the yoyo had small pinpricks if you feel it should have been mentioned.

I think being “happy” with a trade and being “satisfied” is different. If I am the slightest bit disappointed, the most I could be is “satisfied,” but it depends on several factors…

  1. The reputation of the seller and if I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was an oversight.
  2. If I got a more than fair deal on the transaction. If I would have paid the same or more if I knew about the damage, seems not as big a deal. If I would have wanted the yo-yo anyway.
  3. How was the rest of the transaction, was communication courteous, did they pack well, ship fast, provide tracking, put a few extras in the box being generous otherwise?
  4. When I sent a message that I noticed the pin pricks, was there a response to offer to make things right, or denial about the existence of the damage?

Those are the factors I would consider off the top of my head. I think how is best to react to that depends on the person. If all of the above is in order, I would give a positive and use the comments for details because I would be “satisfied,” with the transaction. I would only be happy if I got what I expected. I’m rarely sitting on the fence in a neutral position, I can either swallow it or not…that’s my way.

…this deserves a sticky, IMHO

I have all positive feedback but have to admit I have traded a yoyo that I thought was mint and wasn’t. The person I traded it to asked me about it and I honestly did not notice the pinprick I the throw. When he mentioned it I stated that it was my oversight and we agreed on a price difference which I sent to him by paypal. I would rather have someone bring up the issue to me so I can resolve it rather then get neutral or negative feedback. Your reputation is everything. Anyone who is not “happy” with their deal should be made to be happy. Thats my two cents!


I think this is an interesting post and I agree with what I think Jrod said that many call yoyos “mint” to let them go quick. I only deal with people that either I know or someone else has recomended. In my time in the BST is was not mainly on this forum as you can see my small trade count but I am in the 70’s somewhere else. While early on I was buying a LOT of yoyo’s I was also selling them quickly as to buy more. I did not know what suited my “style” until I found a style. Now that I have done that I have widdled my collection down to just the keepers. Not to ramble. So many yoyos come with factory marks or imperfections as well and I feel people will claim that these are also “mint” People should also provide detailed pics at the request of the buyer or trader as well so that both sides can make their own judgement as to what “mint” is. Overall it is an overused word that I too and guilty of saying from time to time. More like gently used with no marks or wear would be more suitible than “mint”

Near Junior Mint

That Raptor is definitely near mint(s) lol.