What is a good upgrade from my magic T8 shadow for under $50?

I am currently playing with a T8 shadow yoyo and I can do the majority of advanced yoyo tricks taught on this site, but when I get into the more advanced tricks the Shadow slows down and dies really quick. I have 50 for christmas and I want to upgrade so I pose 2 questions. 1). Do I need to upgrade or do I just need practice? and 2) what would be the best upgrade out of the box without modding or modding within the 50 price range?

your looking at the wrong end of the string for the problem bud. keep your money and practice. You won’t find a “better” yoyo just one that is different.

The more I read the more I’m seeing that. Thanks :slight_smile:

U should post this in the looking for help forum :slight_smile:
For 50, you could upgrade and get a yyf blasted shutter and a center trac for $5
Or u could get the Protostar that comes with a center trac for $35, then use the remaining $$$ on response and string

you should try to get yoyo strings and response with a dark magic because I think the dark magic is an upgrade of the t8 but I do not know why also wait till yoyoexpert has Christmas specials

Just keep your eyes peeled and watch the bst. You’ll get a lot more mileage out of your $50.

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BST is the place to go. I got a $170 throw for $60

$120 for $20 near mint XD

But IMO.

Dont waste your cash on a “center trac.”

It doesn’t MAGICALLY make your toto a million times better.

It may improve it, but unless your getting a junk bearing, then your basically wasting $5…


Go to the BST for a nice used yoyo, or get one of the following.

YYF Shutter
YYJ Dark Magic 2
C3 Dibase 2
God tricks Bounty Hunter
Duncan Raptor
Duncan Strix
Or the DV888 is not bad, but for the price get a shutter…

$140 for $50 and $45 for $10 here…

But yea, you can get some crazy deals on the BST, keep your eyes out on linkslegionaires bst, he throws out some 70% off deals here and there…

If u dont want to bst, you could go for the Shutter or Rally which are all the rage now…