What is a good counter weight?

Can you help me find a good counter wieght. Im just a biggener at counter wieght and looking fo a good counter wieght.

A Bouncy Ball is a good counterwieght if you have a Metal yo-yo. If you have a plastic then use a dice or any other option, or if you like the bouncy ball then use that.

In my opinion, I like the bouncy ball over everything. It plays as well as a dice, and doesnt hurt as much if it hits you.

I actually prefer the dice because if you accidently drop it and it hits the yoyo, it does not freak out like the bouncy ball does.

I’ve never used counterweights, but Old Navy has a bouncy-ball machine with huge and awesome balls for $0.25 each. Have you seen these? Do they look about the right size for a counter-weight?

I use a Lego tire. :smiley:

Epic, just Epic. I don’t know why I never thought of that.

I love it since it is plastic in the middle and rubber on the rim.

I like bouncy Balls 'cause the’re impact resistant.


Whoa i tried it and it’s awesome… Yes it is Epic

Bouncy balls are great if you have metal, if not dice are good too.