What is 7075 and BBB yoyo's?

Hey guys, I have sen alot of people talk of 7075 yoyos and BBB yoyos and such. like 7075 chiefs and BBB cliffs. what makes 7075 and BBB special? i’m confused.

7075 is a different type of alum and bbb is black bip bop and it’s a sought after colorway

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7075 is a different alloy of aluminum used. It’s a bit denser and allows for different weight distribution.

BBB is referring to the “Black Bip Bop” colorway used on CLYW yoyos. They are usually very limited so having one is a status symbol of sorts. It’s black with speckles of assorted colors (Red, Blue, Green, Pink, etc.)

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7075 is a typ of aluminum alloy that is denser in nature. Some prefer it over the more common 6061 alloy.

BBB is Black Bip Bop and is an ano colorway specific to CLYW. It is a little more expensive and usually only done in small numbers because it is a time consuming process to do. Here is a picture of the colorway.


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