What if...


What if we gave out Hi-Chew? I don’t mean walking up to people, but concealing it in random places. Leaving some in the lockers for example. Or maybe even in the bathroom! It would be cool if everyone started doing it and all these people started seeing Hi-Chew in random places.


Or we can forcibly make people eat it so they know how awesome it is


Hahaha I’ll do that tommorow


Common sense would tell most people to not eat random candy they find in public.



That is right.


lol this…


I would hesitate if it was Hi-Chew and wrapped.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

Let’s not and say we did.


(Owen) #10

OR we could do it and say we didnt O.o

But yeah this would be a bad idea because if it became a trend or whatever (Which is quite obviously your intent) than people with bad intentions would probably take advantage of it and poison the candy or put some sort of drug in them and kids all over everywhere would be walkin around seeing rainbows and butterflies


But I already see rainbows and butterflies when I eat Hi-Chew… ! Isn’t that the expected result?

(Jei Cheetah) #12

You’re supposed to see Aurora’s and Moths. So you’re doing something wrong.

(UmeNagisa) #13

When I Eat Hi-Chew I Suddenly give birth to cabbages


Do you really expect people to eat something they find in a bathroom?


I think he’s trying to say let people notice it a little bit so when they see it in wal-mart their subconscience will be compelled in the purchase of it, because of seeing it about.