Hi chew

(Waylon) #1

What is it and what’s the big deal?


its an asian chewy candy compareable to starburst, but 10x tastier.

(Waylon) #3

10 whole x?

Where do you buy it?


probably at some asian grocery store by the way they have really cheap fruits and veggies

(Waylon) #5

I don’t live in a very culturally diverse area. But I think I know where there’s an Asian market in the next town. Ill have to look.

(SR) #6

Pretty good stuff, and a good supporter of the yoyo community! Im sure you could find it somewhere…

(Waylon) #7

Are they a contest sponsor?

(M.DeV1) #8

No but Harold Owens uses it to get over stage fright.


Not that I am aware of.

Another YoYo retailer, owned by a former 1 time 1A World Champion includes Hi-Chew in all his orders and was giving it away at his booth at Nationals, and I think at BAC and CalStates as well. I grabbed a few but I never got it. I gave it to my kid. I think I have a piece left over from a recent order. It does appear this is getting popular in this community though.

I’m not real big on candy. I do have my weaknesses. I’m actually wanting to try this.


lol yeah i got one of each flavor! thanks jd!


…cheap fruits and veggies?

I’m offended…Asian food is delicious! And yes, I’m Asian…

And in an unrelated note, this is also my first post in several months! Yay!

Oh, and Hi Chew tastes good, and it’s chewy…but stupid braces prevent me from eating it…


eat it by melting it in your mouth!

(Waylon) #13

I’m pretty sure Abby meant inexpensive. Everyone knows Asian food rocks.


Yep that’s what I meant there really inexpesinve where we live if we go to one of the Asian grocery stores


I think I know the one you are referring to. I am Asian and live near you… Anyways I would like to try these…hmm…I will trade for them lol…