What's your favorite Hi-Chew flavor?

Lemme know if I forgot any flavors

I like strawberry and Grape :wink:

Mango all the way.

It’s all about the exotics! Gotta know where to find it :wink:

You can only get the good stuff at Asian stores, the stuff in bags isn’t as good

Just got some with my YYBB order, but unfortunately the gelatin rules it out of my diet (I’m a vegetarian, go on make fun of me). Hypothetically, though, I’d probably go with mango.

I do not like Hi-chew myself. Not good for this dog’s system awrr… > . <
I do question why this is in general though.


It really only fits in general because JD made it a yoyo thing. It would fit better in unrelated, though.

Apple nuff said

Yeah! Mango is awesome. Followed by a close second of grape.

Mango all the way! Though if I couldn’t have that then I would choose apple, then grape

Yogurt and apple all day! ;D

make a I have not tried them all, so I don’t know. I will vote for that.

Grape everyday