Favorite Hi-Chew flavor!

Whats it going to be?

Didn’t we just have this thread like a week ago?

Strawberry is the obvious choice.

Yeah we did. oh well, but this one has a poll! I don’t know… I will have to try fore flavors, so far its grape.



Even tho there are several threads like this. Let’s start a new one :wink: mines apple and strawberry all day.the real secret tho is eating a sour mamba and a piece hi-chew at the same time. Greatest thing ever.


Grape and green apple

That coca cola kind is alright.

I can sense hundreds of people slapping their faces while reading this.

It is a delicious, fruit flavored, chewy candy. Kind of like starburst but 100 times better.

Coca cola?!?!

Hes trollin


And in case anyone didn’t know they sell this stuff at Walmart. Oh and cutting strawberry, grape, and, green apple into 3rds, combining them and eating it…

Green apple

I slapped myself so hard, you probably heard me. Lol grape all the way.