Anyone know where i can get foreign Hi-Chew?


Anyone live in japan or know a shop that sells it? Specifically Orange, Lechee Or even cranberry.

I think i’m starting to get tired of the regular flavors.

Thanks for the help!



Check an Asian grocery store in your area. Unless you live in a very small town there are no doubt ethnic stores that have it.


Yeah, i think i have exausted my local stores, and almost every place i know, this is a last resort for me.

They have some in downtown Disney Florida but i’m nowhere near there.


Amazon is your friend. Like seriously.

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I have an asian market right by where i live. I would love to help but they only sell the normal flavors


Yeah, it just depends on how much i want to buy it for…


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Go to and type in your zip code to find stores carrying it near you.




Yeah… you do realize i’m looking for flavors like orange, Pinapple and Lechee right?

Anyways, i got some, but if anyone still knows where i can get some please PM me!


If there’s a local comic shop around you, they’ll probably have some Foreign candy. The one that’s across the street from me has all the flavours. Orange is my favorite