What if you were to copywrite a yoyo trick???


Honestly I think it would be a bad thing. Think about it- All good yoyoers steal tricks from other players. I watch videos of professional yoyoers and try to learn their tricks. I even use some of them in videos/demonstrations. But what happens if that trick was copywrited? Could the creator of the trick sue you for using his creation, even if you used the trick with good intentions? Is this even possible?



I guess it could be bad. But if people kept stealing YOUR tricks it could also be a good thing.


What, you are gonna charge me a nickel every time I want to use a concept that you’ve got a copyright to? I don’t see any reason to copyright a trick, there isn’t any money in the actual tricks and if it’s actually noteworthy other people aren’t going to be apt to forget who created it. one example could include the arm and body tricks that became popular after Ando’s 2008 worlds performance.


copyright means that you cannot use their property for your own use. if i write a song, than you can get your band together and cover it without asking me. copyrighting a yoyo trick- probably the same thing.


Not possible at all and a terrible idea.


It depends on the motivation behind the copyright. If you are going to copyright it for the purposes of “claim”, then I guess OK.

If you’re copyrighting to prevent others from using it, or for the purposes of collecting money or enforcement, well, the backlash towards you will effectively earn you the hate of thousands if not millions of throwers worldwide.

Do this:
Make a tutorial video or a demonstration video, and ensure it has a date on it IN the video. That will be sufficient for proof of “I made this up”. Then again, maybe someone else made it up and didn’t bother to share it.

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That’ll work.

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This would be as bad as copyrighting an entire style of play, example being Steve Brown/5a.

People do not own the tricks, it is the tricks that own the people. While yoyoers do infact make up certain signature tricks that they often do and people recognize…all them stem from the original group of people that started it all.

Thank god no one has copyrighted tricks or the yoyo world would be horrible trick-wise.



if someone copied a famous thrower and tried to make them look bad copying their entire Worlds routine they could sue for “slander” maybee?? I cant think of anything else that could really hold up in court. I know if you used a yoyo in a video with the logo without permission that company could sue. just like how they censor labels of beer and soda on tv. I am sure a yoyo company wouldn’t sue unless they used the yoyo for complete commercial use and made money off of the logo or it was in like a… X rated movie to make them look bad… lol


from my experience, intellectual property stuff does not go well with yoyoing. (5A, KK etc…) if we could copyright tricks and start suing people, it’ll be the end of it all.

yoyoing is to be shared, if you want to copyright stuff, just do some juggling and whatnot :wink: (yea I know I’m a juggling hater)

plus, as you advance, you’ll realize that people do the tricks their own way, which is called style, so in the end it doesn’t really matter anymore. You don’t really see high level competitors throw tricks you can single out from a YYE list anyway.