What have you used in emergency/improvise situations for response?

I’ve used simple masking tape cut in thin strips as a response to tide me over until pads or whatever have arrived.

What have you used for a quick, temporary (or not!) solution to response?

Lol it should never come to the point that masking tape is better than just sticking with the old pads. Anyway it usually doesn’t get there for me, but I’d probably just keep using the same pads or just leave it padless

Heh, I suppose that’s true, generally.

I’ve got some older throws that I experiment with, and one of my Magic Yo’s (T5) doesn’t have good response (never did!). I’m awaiting some flowable silicon to try out on the T5, but as I’m a tinkerer, its fun for me to mess around and experiment.

I always keep some flowable at home. It s not like those are difficult to storage or anything.

Flowable is great, no doubt, if your throw is capable of holding it.

Or if you are capable of applying it.

Cloth medical tape makes an awesome response for Freehands.

I miss the old days when learning to bind was harder than applying flowable silicone

There’s nothing at all that’s difficult about putting flowable in. There’s not even anything difficult about putting NON-flowable (ie. gasket maker) in, though it IS a bit more fiddly.

Flowable … flows. I know some people overfill their gaps, use a card to level it off, then clean up the excess… but when you have a liquid that flows, that strikes me as a waste of effort. Make sure your nozzle has a small enough hole, and just pour that stuff into the gap until it’s at the right level. Then let it level itself and leave it. :wink:

While its not improvise/emergency stuff, I was amazed how easy it was to use the first time I tried to fill a yoyo groove with it. Had never used the product before, but it was amazingly easy to work with.

When i was first starting, my DMII broke so i put duct tape in my mosquito and it became unresponive although the binds are decent. i still have it to this day.

Old string shudders

I find it easy to use the regular stuff from the store in a tube, but I got monkeyfinger silicone once and the syringe just feels too weird to use. I totally messed it up, and I didn’t try using that stuff again because it was just too weird. The syringe itself is hard to hold in your hand as its giant, and the nozzle is pretty big. 10/10 would not recommend… but I also don’t call myself a seasoned siliconer so that was probably part of the problem.