What has changed since the release of the Planet 9 and the PRO?


I have finally found my B-Grade Tactic after so many months, reigniting my passion for throwing again, but as I soon found out, I needed to step up my game to how I was before it faded off for me. I remember the last major thing that was being released was the PRO. Can anyone tell me about any of the more major releases or changes ect? Thanks! Ill start posting again soon also. 8)

EDIT: How are the “Pocket Pros” yoyos coming along? I have always wanted to know if they didnt bomb like most people said they were.


Good to see throated coming back!
The main releases off the top of my head are jensens sig. From yyf the northstar, and CLYW released the sasquach. There were more, but those were the most significant IMO.


Thats odd, the North Star looks EXACTLY like the ProtoStar ???, Then again, many of the YYF metals look similar too ::slight_smile:


Yeah, I don’t have a northstar, but people say it is better at grinds than a protostar.