What Happens During the Aftermath!!- Ume

Guys GUYS!!! I am SO excited for this release. Enjoy this video, I spend quite a while working on it!
This yoyo is killer, I hope you all love it <3

I’ll add this video to the list of reasons I’m subscribed to your channel. Inspiring tricks.

Thank you so so much! I appreciate the kind words!

Generally when I watch your videos, I see several tricks I want to learn. Then I realize I don’t know half the mounts and techniques you use and go back to honing my skills in hopes that one day…

EDIT: is there a tutorial anywhere for the final trick? The slacky bind thing, that was amazing.

That bind is a headache haha, Its like, a laceration, pinch and crossarm slap bind. its super annoying, but looks sexy.
I’d see if you can slow down the footage and see how it works

I’ll definitely try that out. I feel like that one would be a good challenge to attempt.

have fun!

Ooh awesome video ume! Looks




Those were some awesome tricks. Your style is amazing.

Thank you so so much!

Never short of amazing! I love your style! Your always super inspiring, whenever I can’t think I watch your trick creating video and right after I come uo with a super cool trick! Thanks

Seriously?! Wow!! I feel quite amazing now!! thank you so so much!


some really great binds in here.

Such great skills! and Such high fashion xD!

Saw it!! Loved it!!! Super amazing!!!