What happened to the forum topic list layout?

(ClockMonsterLA) #21

The principle of lowering the UI experience to the lowest common denominator device (mobile) is not something I agree with at all. If I have a superior device (a desktop PC with a large widescreen monitor), then I expect a superior browsing experience that takes advantage of that. This just sticks me with an interface that makes terrible use of the widescreen aspect ratio of all the monitors in the world, and (I guess) optimizes for vertically oriented smartphones. Ugh.

I realize I’m not going to change Jeff’s mind, but at least I can add my discontented voice to the dwindling number us who still use desktop machines with full-size monitors, real keyboards, and speakers with drivers larger than my fingernail.


Now that I come to analyze an older tab I have of the forum, Ill agree that the previous layout was a little better. I never really understood the point of having icons of the past 5 people to respond to a given topic, and that could easily be replaced with the category tag and the last single poster. But whatever, the new format is still readable and I can just scroll with my mouse so no big deal at all.