New to Old?


I think it would be a lot more convenient to have the newest reply/comment listed first on threads. Just like the option for that in the PM inbox.

Thanks for a great forum!


I disagree, but if you insist…

Go to your profile >> Look and Layout Preferences >> check the box that sez “Show most recent posts at the top.”


Thank you. I just seem to have to go to the last page anyway to see the what’s current especially on a topic that has been going on for a while.


I just tried it. I meant have the original post stickied and the rest in order most recent. Yeah haha I dont want the original post at the end.


That would be a function of the software, over which YYE has no control. YYE purchases the forum software.

(velez_adrian) #6

Ha, I don’t need to go on the last page because I have the phone app.