The more recent reply's showing up in topics

Okay, so on a topic you have the older posts then when you have the more recent ones they are further back on another page and you have to click a new page to see them. however most of the time you dont click the next page button and most of the newer updated information is neglected, is it possible to change this ?

Most people would rather read them in ascending sequence rather than latest first. If you prefer the latter go into your profile and change it.

profile >> Look and Layout Preferences >> check the box by “Show most recent posts at the top.”

Moreover, it’s best to read the earlier ones first so you know what has already been posted as far as a reply so you don’t make a useless or senseless post as a reply. I’ve seen many cases where someone reads the first post then replies with a solution, not knowing that the guy fixed it 3 weeks ago. :wink:

Plus I thought he meant make all replies on one page. But that would result in some cases avery long,messy page. SOrry if that is not what you meant. For example the "How high can we go " thread would be like 400 pages into one page