Slacking off on yo-yoing

I yo-yoed every day for a year, last year but I haven’t yo-yoed in a few months now. I need to get back on track because I have forgotten the steps on how to do a lot of tricks!

PS I really hate the new look of the forum!!

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I actually prefer the format of the old forum as well but this is supposed to be an upgrade and most people seem to be liking it so :man_shrugging:

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The new format does take a while to get used to. At first I was super skeptical, but the functionality is better over the old forum in most ways.


Ps… I really like the New Forum layout.

I will readily admit that the first moment I landed in the New Forum; I wondered if somebody had been given the wrong medication?

What were they thinking; I pondered?

Then; once the intuitive factor kicked in; I realized and recognized all of Andres’ hard work; was a Masterful design.

Comparing old to new. The old board made it easy for people to keep a narrow focus. I am a perfect example. I would click on the main general category, vids and BST. And seldom even check out other parts of the Forum. Once in a while I would check the Kendama section; just to see if there had been a post in the last 6 months. No doubt my narrow interests did nothing to allow any possibly useful skill toy enlightenment.

The New Forum has much better ‘flow’. I(me personally) am not a speed reader. I cant do whole page captures. I know it is possible because I know people that do it. I know people that read books like they are looking for pictures; it’s amazing. But I do multi sentence captures. I can pretty glance at several sentences at once and move on… So to me; the New layout allows me to roll right down the page and have the opportunity and curiosity to click on posts I would not have even been aware of before.
When posts were categorized; if you didn’t bother to click on a certain category; you were completely unaware of anything that might actually be interesting/and/or/informative.
Now; I can better understand and appreciate varied input from the multitude of people that step up to add something that may have been completely missed before.

As I already mentioned; the New layout didn’t click with me instantly.

Now… I get it.

I understand they are still working out a few kinks. And no doubt somewhere in the World; there is an artist that just keep going back to a painting to add just ‘one more brush stroke’.


That is precisely how I used it before, and continue to use it now by setting my preferences to filter on Category rather than New or Latest. Just my preferences… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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Can you be specific about what it is you don’t like about the new forums? Maybe we can offer tips, like @jhb8426 said about setting your default page to categories if you prefer that.

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I think it’s just the color that I don’t like. It’s like reading a book… so much white.

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Yeah - I need to have the ‘night’ mode up - I’ll get that done. :blush:


What is the last trick you learned or are working on?! :blush:

Superman… I think. I tend to switch to other tricks when I’m having difficulty performing one.

Yeah - Superman is definitely a tough one! Do you know which part you were having a hard time finishing?

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