what ever happend to Nova?

where did he go, i haven’t seen him post anything in forever!

You could say the same about RSmod123… but then he’s actually been gone for a considerable amount of time.

maybe he died

Lol, I hope not.

Maybe he just got busy. A lot of times, school, life, or anything really, can take a person away from forums and even yoyoing quite easily. Hopefully he’ll be back soon. :slight_smile:

Maybe… He bought a new yoyo, a yoyo which had bead blasting around the response area… He did know about the dangers of such bead blasting and while practicing asian pops his string snapped, and he sent his yoyo flying into his computer moniter, there for loosing access to his computer, which made he so he couldn’t post…

THEN! He started working for the mafia to try and earn money for a new moniter, and not realizing what organized crime was, he started documenting all the crimes and was caught, and is now spending 25-life in a federal prison…

Orrrrrr… He’s just been busy

Wasn’t he post once in “what are you throwing today” thread a while ago?