what do you think


Do you think the super classy high end yoyo can make you better or is it more of a motivational thing.


No yoyo will make you a better yoyoer.


Not better, maybe a different player, as in you are playing with a metal instead of plastic. I try not to buy plastics as much. But I personally think that a metal can make some tricks easier to do. On the other hand, if you can perform all those tricks with a plastic, would that not make you the better player?


I personally think that yes there are some little things that make the yoyo better like A big bearing,
large catch zone ext. But It helps with the little things. It doesnt make you a better player just because its expensive. I think its more of a motivational thing. The yoyo doesnt make you better, only you can make your self better.


A certain yoyo can’t make you better, but maybe using a CLYW or OD or some other expensive brand yoyo could boost your confidence and motivate you to get better.


Yes and no it will help you land tricks easier than having a crappy yoyo that you cant land it on but it does not make you better its all about how you approach the tricks


To me, it actually will make you better. I know I know, its the player not the yoyo, but if you can land your tricks easier, yes you will get motivated, but you also might discover newer tricks too. Its hard to explain what im trying to say… Like since you have more spin time, you could like underpass a different string or something and start a while new trick! Thats just what I do XD.


Well, I like having a Higher End yoyo because it makes tricks a little easier and usually feels much nicer.

But it won’t change your skill level, that’s for sure.


A higher end yoyo certainly facilitates more difficult tricks, buying a fancy yoyo won’t make you any better.


Going from a Volkswagen to a Lamborghini won’t make you a better driver.
Your skill-set is your skill-set regardless of the instrument.