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Hi everyone! I was just wondering, what level do you think the kickside can go to? I have just finished the intermediate section and am moving up to advanced one, but I’m still working on perfecting a couple intermediate tricks. I’ve widened the gap so that’s unresponsive, most of the time (sometimes it still comes back to my hand) and I’m practicing binds, but do you think it’s time for a new yoyo, like the DM2, or do you think I can keep going on the Kickside? Thanks!

Most people would probably move on to the DMII, though the Kickside has the potential to last forever depending on the player using it.

I’ve seen some of the sickest combo’s pulled on a kickside. That being said if you are ready for another yoyo the DMII is a great choice. There are also other great yoyo’s to chose from as well. If you want to progress slowly then the DMII is the best choice in my book. If you want to shell out some serious cash then just buy anything over $40.

time for a new yoyo. if you have $50 get a DM2. its my 3rd favorite yoyo! but for only $35, the yoyofactory northstar is there. remember that yoyo was used to win worlds 2010. also consider the protostar, which is bascically the same yoyo, just 1 gram lighter. also consider the adegle plastics, the asteroid and psg. for $15, although ive never played them, ive heard that they perform wayy up there with the higher end yoyos! also theres the pocket pros zombie. while not too amazing, they are readily avalable at big 5 and toys r us! semi unresponsive and $15. but for that price just buy an adegle plastic.

Not necessarily. In the right hands, the Kickside can pull off pretty much any trick. While having better yoyos is nice it’s not necessary. If you really want something more I would get a Protostar/Northstar or DM2 like you said.

yes, thats true, but longer sleep times, for me at least, help you work your way through more advanced tricks. like if you miss a string, while doing triple or nothing per se, you can drop it and restart without having to bind.

Stock kickside ^

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Wait for the YoYoJam Trigger to drop or the new upcoming Duncan plastic. Both look hardcore and will no doubt be affordable. If you won’t wait for that, then get a YoYoJam SFX. No doubt what-so-ever. One of the most under-recommended yoyos ever. It rules.

I personally am still a huge fan of the protostar. When I first picked it up.from someone’s collection, they remarked “its all you’ll ever need”. I see exactly why. If you can bind at least somewhat fluently, I recommend it highly.

Kicksides are awesome. I can do everything I am capable of doing with a Kickside. Well, after I cleaned the bearing out, of course!