kickside or protostar

Hi I’ve been wondering which yoyo was better for learning tricks on. Price isn’t an issue and a double silicone kickside can be counted in this recommendation that I requested. I already know how to bind, clean the bearings and silicone a yoyo just an extra bit of info please and thank you for your help.

absolutley hands down, protostar. No questions asked.

Dual Siliconed Kickside.

Protostar great yoyo for every thing

Just fyi 99% of the people here are going to say Protostar because they havn’t tried a properly modded Kickside.
Just sayin

Agreed, hands down the kickside is WAY MORE bang for your buck. I wasn’t a fan of the Protostar.

Which now makes my decision on which to get just alittle harder to make. Just to add some more info, current yoyo I’m using is a dv888 and X-con I like the dv888 but the binds are a little loose sometimes and I don’t want to silicone it yet. The X-con is nice spins for a while I’ve cleaned it siliconed it and added red shims but the gap is too small and still snags sometimes. Im looking for a good plastic to take around with me so I don’t have to carry any metals on me. So I can practice on the go.
Also u see some people say the pgm is also a good unresponsive player too, does it stand up to any it these two yoyos?

No. Kickside has perfect weight distrobution. Its Celcon so it will take any damage you throw at it and play perfect out of the box. Adjustable gap and unresponsive at the lowest setting as long as your bearing is cleaned so you can switch between a thin gap and a wide gap without hurting responsiveness. Comes in a TON of colors. Mix and matchable.The shape feels amazing in the hand and yeah Kickside is awesome.

Protostar is pretty good too, but for the price you can not beat Kickside. Also Celcon is a much more pain-enduring material than Polycarbonate. Polycarb will crack if you damage it hard enough. Celcon will scuff like raw metal.