YYJ kickside review

Well I haven’t seen to many kickside reviews so I decided to make one.
First my real review:When I started to yoyo I first went to wal-mart and got a duncan mosquito,I learnad the basics like rock the baby,trappeze,etc…I wanted a better yoyo.I looked around all the stores and they didnt seem to have any good ones.I studyed it googled it and drove around all the local stores,nothing, not a good yoyo store near me.So I begged my parents to order me a kickside and my brother a fast 201 from YYN, and they did.I loved it from the first throw! I learned split the atom.mock 5,atomic bomb,etc… My parents were so amazed with split the atom and such they got me my first unresponsive yoyo,a P.G.M.,although I loved the P.G.M. even more than the kickside I still used the kickside alot.I went to the advanced section with it and well into the expert section too.Then i got my DNA and didnt care for the kickside much,altough I did lube it and let my brother share it with me.Now its either my brother using it for learning or me using it for offstring.

here are some pics of the yoyo itself:



The response is hibrid.If you dont know what that is its ussually one starburst half and one o-ring half but can bassicly be any halves of two different responses.here are some pics:




This yoyo plays great and get a thumbs up for string tricks.It has a very wide gap that is great for begginers and can be responsive or unresponsive which is also another great thing for begginers and advanced players!its gap is adjustable making it one of my few yos with adjustable gaps.The grinds on his yo are amazing for a plastic and with caps off this is one of my best yos for thumb grinds!
EDIT:I think it is good because the adjustable gap can take you to completly responsive to unresponsive,it is wide enough to do any string tricks,and its lip for thumb grinding is great

as I said this yo takes string tricks great
here is a pic of me doing my signature trick:


here are some pics of it compared to a velocity and P.G.M.


In diameter these yoyos are vere similar exept for the velocity which is a tiny(really tiny) bit taller.


In width the P.G.M. and kickside ere practicly the same but the velocity is a lot narrower.

1a:9.5 awsome!!!
2a:6 my friend thick lubed his and they are good
3a:8 I dont have 2 but i should be ok
4a:9 this yoyo rocks for 4a and is my favorite for that at the moment
5a:9.5 awsome!!!

gap width:3.42mm

Overall this yoyo is the one that I use for most things,all of them,and is a must have for a begginer or advanced player.

A couple of pieces of constructive criticism. Use proper grammar. Makes everything easier to read. I also suggest it because André stresses to use it in the forum guideline.

Also, try to go more in depth.

Other then that, its good!

I tried to find all the grammar mistakes in there,but for the in depth part there isnt muck more to it I said why I like it but did a side note to make it more clear. :wink:

Glad to see your are using correct punctuation as well! Keep it up :smiley:

I will for sure consider this for my next review,thanks. :wink:

No problem :wink:

Good review! Do you drop it alot for os? And does it get scratches, cracks etc. easily when you drop it for os? Thanks!

I tried OS with my Speed Maker once. And yes I was dumb enough to do it inside. I can’t do offstring at all so I hit thi roof and the floor several times. Bothe the Speed Maker and Kickside is molded out of celcon plastic. I don’t know if you have tried a celcon yoyo before, but they ar as close to inistructable as a yoyo could get. They will get marks, bot not something of great visibility.

oh okay thanks. lol i once accidentally threw my fast offstring at the window, and if it went just a few inches to the left, it woulda flew 6 stories down and killed a badger cat XD

We’re getting off-topic, but it’s best to learn OS outside.

Well I do drop it for OS but not often,I’m surprised it is the only yo I ever used for OS.
anyway,the schraches show up if you zoom in really closely but there is 1000 schraches.lol
Although there are no cracks on it. :wink:

I don’t know if it is just that I got one of the first batches (the light blue one) but both my brother’s and my Legacy broke near the axle part, this with just a few hits. Are newer versions stronger?

Does this count as necromancy?

But anyways, where exactly did it break?

I think it is a nocro,but its ok since its a review,anyway,if he was using it for OS then thats probably why,its a heavy yoyo and shouldnt be used for OS.