Yoyojam Kickside Review

This is my review of the Yoyojam Kickside. It’s also my first review so be as critical as you want.

A little about me
I am an intermediate player, but was a beginner before I got this yoyo. My previous and only other yoyo was a yomega fireball. I can’t say too much on my preferences, since my only yoyos are completely different, but I think that I can say that I prefer mid-weight, mid-size yoyos.

Out of the box
When I opened up the package I noticed that the yoyo was a light blue, with beautiful clear sidecaps. When I held it in my hand it immediately gave me a hint to my preferences. It felt a bit more beefy than expected, but just enough to get to get a good grip on throws. The included string stunk. It was very bouncy while I like mine a bit more solid, and even burned me when I tried to do Eifel Tower. The spin time was good, but had some vibe and was a bit noisy. I added some thin lube to the seat of the bearing but that didn’t help with anything. It was almost impossible to undo, so since I knew it was adjustable gap I actually tried to pull it apart!

I have had the yoyo now for two days. It lost almost all it’s vibe, but is still a bit noisy. I have learned that with the gap at it’s widest setting, it can be almost completely unresponsive, while with the gap at its most narrow setting, it has the perfect amount of response for intermediate tricks. I have already learned brain twister and trapeze with this little guy. I have also learned that the Kickside is incredibly durable. Iv’e wacked it on tile floor a couple times by accident and I can’t even find a nick on it. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s forgiving on a bad throw though. Overall I think that this is a perfect yoyo for anyone transfering from beginner to advanced. But since it has a bearing I wouldn’t recomend this as a first yoyo.

Sorry! no pics.

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Kickside is the best yoyo. Nice review. I like your name by the way. It sounds cool.

Hahaha. Like yours too.

my first yoyo was a flying squirrel. that has bearings.

Pretty good review

Very nice review. Although it’s doest matter if ur yoyo has a bearing it can be a first yoyo. My first throw and where I learned tricks from was a yuk legacy it pretty hard on the first day of learning bind after that day I was on my way to a lot of new tricks