journey or kickside?


i want to order this tonight. im already getting a dark magic but i want a plastic one just to have to. whats the best to get?


KICKSIDE… I still use mine!!It is its own yoyo and can actually do decent string tricks (at least skin the gerbil!)


I say Kickside.


it depends if you want something unresponcive then go for the jorney if you want something that sleeps for a while get the kickside you should get the sunset tregectory though


KickSide if you already have a strong throw.
If you are still working on your throw then I would go with a Journey.

(Mikey) #6

kickside. i got 1 min. 14 sec. with mine, plus its really smooth. ;D


Legacy - Got 2+ mins with mine =) Cleaned and lubed bearing :wink:

(Connor) #8


I agree, but I can get anywhere more then 3 minutes with my Legacy.

Out of those two, Kickside


over 4.01 mins with my lagacy STOCK


Cool. I always get bored before it stops.

I may have AD… OH LOOK A NEW YOYO!!




Sorry… I may have ADHD. I just need to visit my doct… HOUSE IS ON TV! BYE!


Oh, thanks, haha.