What do you think the most important factor in a yoyo is?


IMO spin time.


For me it’s about spin time and balance, with a slight preference toward balance. If the yoyo has great spin time but it tilting like crazy all over the place, I find it very difficult to do tricks.


VERY good question. I believe it to be stability, spin time will come naturally if the yoyo is stable.


Definitely stability






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The things that cause spin time also cause balance and stability.
Actually, balance isn’t really the best word to describe tendency against tilt. Stability is the proper word for it. All yoyos are balanced, but stability comes from the amount of rim weight.

For me, the most important aspect is stability as well. I don’t really care too much about weight, because I can do my speed tricks on any reasonable weight. However I tend to get heavier yoyos because they tend to be more stable. Size is the same way. It tends to make the yoyo more stable, but other than that I don’t care as long as it is reasonable.

delivers sharp uppercut to the jaw


Thats the least of my worries when choosing a yoyo :smiley:


I’m gonna look at it more from an engineers stand point. I say the most important factors are that the YoYo is well designed and well machined. This two factors will go hand in hand. If the YoYo is not designed well, then no matter how well it is machined, the YoYo will still not play well, and the it works the other way around too.


Yoyoing is a visual activity. Without color, you could not see the yoyo, and therefore defeat the purpose of yoyoing.

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For me it’s looks. Just about every yoyo I have so many yoyos now that if a yoyo is pretty I get it

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I would say that a good design would make even a poorly machined yoyo work well enough.
I think the design probably is more important than the precision.

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Actually, color is a very valid answer. Since there are so many really good yoyos in the market, and all of them play really really well, you could care just about color. However, this doesn’t work for me because even though I don’t have too many preferences, I like most colorways. In the end, I will get used to any color I get.


Location of manufacture. Preferably, China.


Cost efficiency
Cuz budget yoyos under $70 are the bomb

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I agree completely except sub-$50 is even better.
Why not sub-$10.
Which is why I like the classic so much.


ouch! all about you I guess ::slight_smile: