What do you think of the Boss

My dad says he is going to buy a boss yoyo and show off at work, but he cant do a gravity pull soooooo… what do you think of it? ???

But can he bind?

If he isn’t that advanced, don’t get a BOSS.

you should let him borrow one of your yoyos and if he is good maybe get a dark magic

He should not get the BOSS.

I don’t think your dad should get a BOSS if he isn’t that advanced. But I do reccommend it for advanced players. It’s the best yo-yo I have ever used. I wrote a review on it: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,5222.0.html

A beginner with a metal can have a very bad ending. He needs to start with a much different yoyo.

Option 1. Steal it when he gets it.

Option 2. Teach him to bind with one of your unresponsive yo-yos.

who said they hated it thats just wrong,and inhumane. ;D

LOL, it is.

Is he a boss? :wink:

ay he is a major in couple of months he ranks up.

Let him buy it, you might get it when he finds out that he can’t use it. ;D

lol thats funny